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Ghana India Business Development Centre
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Consultancy, Education & Skill Development, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Information and Communication Technology, Logistics, Manufacturing, Mining, Trade
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Teddy Guh is the Business Development Manager of Ghana India Business Development Centre (GIBDC). He plays a strategic and operational role in developing GIBDC’s business and commercial activities, as a member of the Senior Management Team of the firm. He develops new business relationships, services and products; and generates and negotiates new contracts and income for GIBDC. As a business facilitator, he set the agenda for business group meetings or discussion, monitors the group’s process in discussing agenda items, and helps the group reach consensus, make decisions, and set action plans. Prior to joining GIBDC as the Business Development Manager, Teddy Guh was the Operations Manager of Horeb Construction/Trading Co.Ltd where he was responsible for the development and execution of all project concepts and plans. It was also his duty to help in building trust, value and fostering innovation and delivering optimum product quality to customers to build and maintain the brand equity of the firm. He has also worked in operations capacities in the following firms: Brakkson Services, Myroc Group of Companies, Tex Styles Gh.Ltd(Formerly, GTP). He has also attended several courses in India, China, Europe and other African counties in modern trends in business development and operations management.
Company Profile
WHO ARE WE? Ghana-India Business Development Center (GIBDC) was established in the year 2017, under the Companies Act 1963(Act 179). It provides a dynamic institutional link for the promotion of commercial and economic relations between Ghana and India. The center functions as an active forum for Ghanaian and Indian businessmen who have close contacts with the World. GIBDC constantly strives to identify new areas of mutual co-operation and ensure the smooth flow of trade, investment joint ventures and technology. In the past few years, India has participated in the process of economic development of Ghana by supplying manpower, increasing trade and making a major breakthrough in construction and project exports. The Chamber is dedicated to the cause of expanding Ghana - India friendship, goodwill & business relation. Vision To play a leading role in trade relation between Ghana and India by putting in place an institutionally sustainable business center. Mission To provide a platform for Ghana and India Companies, Corporations, Private Limited Companies and Individual firms to play a leading role in the economy through advocacy, trade and investment promotion and capacity building. Objectives The main objectives of the GIBDC are to promote, develop and extend commerce, Education, Health, Trade and Industry between Ghana and India. These objectives are designed: • to be achieved through arranging buyers / sellers meeting Seminar and workshop, • to participation in trade fair and exhibition, • to set-up expert committee to solve complicated export problems, • to help search new markets and horizons for the manufacturer and exporter • Serving as a bridge between Ghanaian and Indian business • to assist in visa and other documentations . Values • Commitment to excellence: Delivering more than what is expected through innovation, learning, continuous improvement, and trade empowerment. • Transparency and accountability: Openness to all stakeholders and obligation to comply with agreed rules and standards. Our Service The services delivered by the GIBDC are mainly the following: • Provision of business information to Ghana-India business community • Research & Advocacy • Business Advisory • Business Networking • Trade Fairs/Exhibition • Investment Guide • Exporters Guide • Importer Guide • Document Authentication (Export) • affidavit of support for the business community • Need based training • Technical & Skill development • Preparation of Strategic Plan, Project Proposal, etc. • Soliciting supports for members from donors