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Mr Bezeck Kwanisayi
Principal Economist
Ministry of Industry and Commerce
W :
Industry / Sector
Manufacturing, Trade
Personal Profile
Mr. Kwanisayi is a Principal Economist within the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the Republic of Zimbabwe. I joined the Ministry in October 2007. My main duties and responsibilities include the following: -Formulation, implementation and reviewing of Zimbabwe's Industrial Development Policy, National Trade Policy and the National Export Strategy; -Administering bilateral, regional and multilateral trade agreements between Zimbabwe and her trading partners; -Advising the Minister and the Ministry on industry and trade related issues concerning Zimbabwe; -Working in collaboration with the Ministry's stakeholders such as World Trade Organisation (WTO), SADC, COMESA, UNDP, UNCTAD, ITC, and many other regional and multilateral industry and trade bodies; -Facilitating Zimbabwe's inward and outward trade and investment missions (eg through organising business forums); -Providing a facilitatory role to Zimbabwe's industry by creating a conducive operating environment; - Deal with Zimbabwe's consumer protection issues; -Working with various Committees in Zimbabwe to address the ease of doing business in the country; -Facilitating Zimbabwe's exporters to access regional and international markets.
Company Profile
The purpose in life of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Zimbabwe is to promote the development of vibrant, sustainable and globally competitive industrial and commercial enterprises, and fair trade practices through the provision of conducive policy and regulatory frameworks. The Ministry’s broad policy mandate is to formulate industrial and commercial development policies and strategies. The Ministry’s core functions are to: -Formulate, implement, coordinate, review and monitor policies in industry and commerce; -Oversee the orderly development, promotion and growth of domestic and international trade; -Promoting, maintaining and expanding mutually advantages trade and trade relations with foreign countries and businesses -Enhance the development and promotion of quality standards for industrial products; -Develop the sourcing and provision of short, medium and long-term financing and financial services for industry and commerce -Support the development of entrepreneurial and management skills for the industrial and trade sector; -Promote fair trade practices and consumer protection; -Promote innovation and protection of intellectual property rights and promote dissemination of technical information; -Promote industrial research and development -Collect, analyze and disseminate trade and industrial information. In order to execute its functions, the Ministry has the following technical departments: -Enterprise Development; -Research, Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs; -Standards and Quality Assurance; -Investment Promotion; -International Trade; and -Legal Services The Ministry also oversees the operations of the public enterprises and parastatals in Zimbabwe namely: Industrial Development Corporation of Zimbabwe; Zimbabwe Iron and Steel Company; Olivine Industries; and Zimbabwe International Trade Fair Company