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Mr Simon akuei Deng
Giant Technolodies Ltd
South Sudan
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Power & Energy, Trade
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SIMON AKUEI DENG GARANG Mailing Address: simonduk2013@gmail,com, sdeng@giant–technologies.neT Tel: +211913510099 +2119222264444 P.O.BOX Private Bag Juba Town Centre, Al-Awakaf Building Juba, Southern Sudan DOB: 01/07/1976 PROFILE: Am private Professional who is highly experienced, yet growing professional personal in business Administration, political science and management who seeks challenges to contribute to the required needs to bring about satisfaction and development by being helpful, influential and to achieve the visions in place. Managing and owner, Park Palace Hotel Bor. Giant Technologies Ltd. Oil Centre Company Ltd. I am self motivated, result oriented, hardworking, and trustworthy with good entrepreneur skills. I possess leadership skills, a good command of spoken and written English, and Arabic, great negotiation skills and a willingness to learn. This is demonstrated in my ability to handle various multi task operations and ability to lead diverse teams of professionals to new levels. I posses a Strong technical and business qualifications in various fields which developed through years of schooling, positions held and various workshop training attended thus with a track record of more than 15 years of hands-on experience in the fields strategic planning, business unit development, project and product management, purchasing and supplies, small scale agriculture, Basic Public health care, and information system engineering strategies and other related fields. My Proven ability is displayed through the various continual and successful organization's analysis/ companies to which am attached through handlings of critical business requirements, identifying deficiencies and potential opportunities, and develop innovative and cost-effective solutions for enhancing competitiveness, increasing revenues, and improving customer service thus resulting to the grow of the companies/ organization or diversification as seen fit. To obtain an entry levels and position preferably in the management , and business sector and acquire challenges in business or administration that will lead to the growth and betterment of skills and knowledge in the areas of marketing, finance , political science, purchase and supplies management and other related fields. Have academic qualification in LLB/Law degree, Computer Science. Degree. am interested in partnership with Indian Companies in food supply, Technology, Lubricant and Electricity sector. am looking forward to engage fruitfully
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RE: INTRODUCTION OF SERVICES We wish to introduce Giant Technologies Ltd., we are a legally registered company operating from Juba, with an office in Nairobi, and amalgamated sister company in the United Arab Emirates. We are a telecommunication solution center based in Juba, the capital of South Sudan. We are a fully registered and are a licensed communication company whose concepts have been developed and natured in South Sudan. Giant Technologies Ltd.- portfolio is based on distribution of communication equipment, installation and development on communication solutions in the Telecommunication industry and Information Technology (IT) sector. In addition we are also the official Thuraya Service Provider registered to offer Thuraya products and services within South Sudan. We are also the official High frequency radio providers with a major HF installation throughout the Country with Ministry of Telecommunication and Postal Services. Giant Technologies Ltd. is ideal for all of your satellite internet services, internet connection and networking equipment, Thuraya satellite phones and airtime and related utilities, Radio communication utilities, computer hardware, networking utilities and related accessories and also maintenance and repairs. We ensure we deliver these services and products when communication is what matters. Whether you require communication products and communication services, you can rely on our extensive ability to deliver to your expectations. We ensure fast and reliable delivery of products and service for all your communication needs, so you can improve your business with: • Faster service for your customers/stakeholders • Shorter lead times • More efficient processes • Cost effective products but of ISO quality We view all needs, request and orders as urgent. However, some services are so vital that they need to arrive before a specific deadline that is why our response time within Juba is immediate (if in range) and 24hours if out of range. Guaranteed delivery of our services is available to many destinations in South Sudan. We also guarantee delivery of orders placed at our office. Our goal is nothing less than to transform the Satellite internet and communications industry and to deliver beyond our customers' expectations wherever and whenever they need us - by offering the most comprehensive suite of services PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Since our headquarters is in Juba, we were the first fully registered and licensed communication company in South Sudan. Giant Technologies Ltd. is an official Thuraya International Service Provider (ISP) Consequently, as a Thuraya official partner we are able to guarantee genuine Thuraya products, which we have in stock, and have valid warranty. Giant Technologies Ltd. provides, installs and services Internet Satellite Access (VSAT). Our company is well equipped with permanent communication technicians, customer care relations with 24hrs telephone lines. That is why our response time is efficient and timely. Giant Technologies Limited, the company has extended its business portfolio to offer D-Link products and accessories, as a direct D-Link Distributor for the South Sudan territory. Please note that all our products and services are provided and implemented from our head office & warehouse located within Juba Town thus ensuring clients’ fast response and service delivery within the whole of South Sudan. Details of some of our products and services include: • Sale and installation of VSAT hardware from KU to C Band, (1.2m, 1.8m 2.4m, 3.8m, 4.9m & 7.2m dish), type of dishes are Channel master/Andrews, Prodelin and Patriot. Types of Modems iDirect, Comptech, DVB’s Receivers, Paradise, Data Casting and Data Datum • Internet Satellite Access with shared or dedicated bandwidth • Portable solar panels • Fibre Networking • Cabling and cabling materials • Stockist of DLINK products (Routers, Access Points, Switches and cables) • Supply and installation of Very High Frequency (VHF) and High frequency (HF) radios; Codan, MicoM-2, Motorola GP-360, GP-380 with all the accessories. • Distribution, Sale and after sale service for Thuraya products.(e.g. Thuraya satellite phones, Dockers, Thuraya air time, Simcards & accessories) • Distribution, Sale and after sale service for Inmarsat satellite communication products.(e.g. Inmarsat, iSAT phones) • Trade in IT communication devices (e.g. Computers, Networking items, I.T devices) • Professionally Trained staff based in Juba who offer efficient service and work to esteemed clients, public and the whole of South Sudan. Coverage Being a grassroots company, we are fully knowledgeable of the geography and of the present temporary shortcoming of South Sudan. We are familiar with states, counties and sub counties in South Sudan, thus making all areas accessible with the availability of current infrastructure. Therefore, a client does not have to provide us with a lengthy report on how we should approach each task. We save time and provide efficiency. More important, our aim is to provide the best solution at the best price to all our clients. As we continue to gain experience and grow with exposure to the African market, Giant Technologies Ltd. plans to grow into a global player with a strong national heritage and capacity to turn every stone and every location in need of communication. Due to our strategic presence and access to the best combination of Providers and Manufacturers, our technology will provide services and products of unparalleled reach in Africa and beyond with the best reliability. Giant Technologies Ltd. continues to be part of the shaping process of the communication future of South Sudan bringing reliable communication and Information Technology across the whole of South Sudan. Giant Technologies Ltd. is to grow and be a major player for all the communication needs of the country. With its major alliances with direct Manufacturers and Service providers, the company continues to expand its portfolio in the South Sudan territory. We look forward to hearing from you and being of service to your organizations. Thank you. Yours Faithfully, Simon Akuei Deng, CEO Giant Technologies Ltd.