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Agriculture & Allied Services, Consultancy
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agriculture inspector
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The Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources aims to implement the state's general policy in the field of agriculture and water resources based on the constitution, laws, state policy, economic and social development plan, and it undertakes in particular the following tasks: Proposing policies, setting plans, programs and projects in the fields of agricultural production, rural development, exploitation of water resources, means of implementing them, following up the directions and programs decided by the state in these fields, and reviewing and evaluating a level of their achievement. To propose legislation that regulates the agricultural sector, prepare and follow up the approval of all laws, laws and regulations related to the Ministry's activity and follow up on the implementation of other laws and regulations in force. To propose water policies and legislations and contribute to the preparation of water studies, setting plans and programs related to the exploitation and management of water resources, their protection and development, and rationalizing their uses so as to achieve coverage of population, agricultural and industrial growth requirements in coordination with the relevant authorities. Work to encourage and develop different economic forms in the agricultural sector and encourage the private sector and the home economy by creating facilities and concessions and providing appropriate support to them. Work to encourage and organize investment in the agricultural and animal sectors in all its forms and provide the necessary facilities for that. Work to meet the needs of citizens for agricultural products, provide agricultural raw materials for industry, and increase exports according to the priorities and capabilities available. Preparing technical studies, designs and economic and technical feasibility studies for agricultural projects and supervising the preparation and implementation stages.

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