Delegate Profile

Mr Kelani Babatunde
Member, Malete Film Village, KWASU
Industry / Sector
Agriculture & Allied Services, Consultancy, Education & Skill Development, Information and Communication Technology, Manufacturing, Mining, Power & Energy
Personal Profile
I am keenly interested in the use of new Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) as a development catalyst. I follow developments in the ICT world with a view to identifying and applying its development potentials, particularly in largely oral societies such as Nigeria.
Company Profile
Convenor of The Mainframe Foundation (MFF), which addresses social issues of the motion picture industry in which the commercial model proves to be inefficient. Such issues include the use of cinema for attitudinal and behavioural change. The MFF Mobile Cinema Project has been particularly successful in taking films to ‘hard to reach’ communities that do not have access to Television and other motion picture media. The MFF Mobile Cinema Project has been acknowledged and used by various local and international organisations such as UNICEF to deliver social messages and impart social skills to people in various parts of ‘hard to reach’ rural Nigeria.