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Information and Communication Technology
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Dr. Godfred Owusu-Antwi , currently the Founder and the CEO of Reneant Solutions Ltd - a document and identity security company. He was instrumental in leading the team at Reneant to deliver a cutting-edge solution for their customers. His real commitment and passion includes strategies for organizational growth, adherence to corporate governance and ethical leadership. He is a management consultant and investment adviser with 10 years of entrepreneurial experience. Driven by hard work and knack for success, he has succeeded in providing timely management solutions to diverse clients, whilst enhancing key practices that drive customer loyalty that leads to sustained profits and improved company value for shareholders/stakeholders in the medium to long run. He holds BSc. in Mechanical Engineering, MBA in Strategic Management and a Doctorate degree in Biometrics, Postal Address P.O.BOX 1309, ACCRA, GHANA. TEL: 0243811811 Email:
Company Profile
RENEANT Solutions, is the leading IT firm in Ghana. Headquartered in Accra Ghana, RENEANT provides technology consortium specialized in Identity and Document Security Management. Established in 2007, the company has grown into a formidable entity providing a range of bespoke IT solutions notably; Queue Management Systems, Access Control Systems, CCTV, EMV Card Solution for Banks and supply and installation of ID card printers and accessories. And assurance services from more than 100 locations. RENEANT member firms are located in more than 10 countries across the globe. In the late 2007s, the company focused on unifying its historically loose federation of member firms to build a cohesive global image and offer a consistent array of products and services.