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H.E.(His/Her-Excellency)/Honorable Jantrar Abay Yigezaw
Ministry Of Urban Development and Construction
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His Excellency Janterar Abay is an Ethiopian politician who is currently the Minister of Urban Development and Construction. Previously he has served as Wollo Zone Deputy Administrator; Head of Urban works and Development ; Deputy Head of Amhara Bureau of Industry and Urban Development; Born in Wollo, Amhara Region; he studied Urban Planing and Architecture, Urban Design and Development.
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? Our Vision is “to create economically productive, socially inclusive, and environmentally sustainable cities" The Mission is to: “Capacitate our cities and urban centers so that they can become centers of innovation and economic production, by creating the necessary growth-supporting conditions, and to provide standardized services and raise the quality of life of urban residents.” to realize the vision and mission the ministry developed 10 pillars. out of which:- ? Five Pillars involve the planning, management and delivery of urban land, infrastructure and facilities to support orderly urban development and housing delivery: Pillar 4. Urban Planning, Land Development and Management, Pillar 5. Housing, Pillar 6. Integrated Urban Infrastructure and Services, Pillar 7. Environmental and Green Services and Pillar 8. Resilient, Inclusive and Safer Cities.