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Agriculture & Allied Services, Consultancy, Education & Skill Development, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Information and Communication Technology, Infrastructure, Logistics, Manufacturing, Mining, Power & Energy, Trade
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I'm Fossouo from Cameroon, currently completing my degree in mechanical engineering. Passionate about development, my skill will promote development in different sectors of the industry in my country, in Africa and over the World. First, I will start with the sector of agriculture which with the help of machines will increase efficiently the production. that production will be managed and kept increased with the help of industries that can also be part of the transformation for a new product. As a mechanical engineer, I'll be part of the designing, construction and maintenance of machine used during the industrial process. those are some aspects where my skills can be a benefit for the development and employment for many countries in the world and this can only work if we work in unity with different skills merged together to achieve good things. And I'll be proud to be the leader of that team
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Business Representative