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Mrs Nyarai Angeline Chaitezvi
Operations Diector
Francberg Investment
Industry / Sector
Agriculture & Allied Services
Personal Profile
I am an interprenuer aged 37 who is currently running a distrubution company of dairy products.I am currently targeting the informal market with my 5 refridgerated trucks,3 retail shops and 16 workers.My major aim is to venture into manufacturing of cheese since they is only one company in Zimbabwe which is currently doing it and cannot satisfy the market.I have a vast experience in the retail industry since i worked for big retail giant OK Zimbabwe and Spar for 9 and 6years respectively.I have also managed to formalise my business and i am glad that i now have systems in place.Im currently renting a place with 3 big coldrooms and 2freezers and the place is sitting on 3000sq with enough parking space and a 24hr security. My aim is to be able to manufacture all types of cheese and selling it to both formal and informal markets there by creating employment as well.I have also noticed with a heavy heart that the price of cheese is far too expensive at the moment because people are ordering it in South Africa for resale in Zimbabwe so by manufacturing it here means that will be able to take the market and might even then export the product to neighbouring Zambia and Mozambique.
Company Profile
Francberg Investment T/A Dairy Fresh is a medium company which is now 6years old.It has 16 employees and has the potential of growing to be a very big company in Zimbabwe.It currently targetting informal market since thats where all the business is coming from especially these days because of our economy.We have managed to sell product in almost all the four corners of the country and despite the economical challenges im glad that that the company is growing big.