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Maxfield Finance Group Ltd
Virgin Islands (UK)
Industry / Sector
Financial Services
Personal Profile
An Investment Banker by profession and having 9 Years of Experince in project finance, Global Mergers & Acquisitions and Start up funding with an objective to target African Markets to facilitate and Nurture Enterpreneurship and Start up funding we also specialise in JV,Cross country project tie ups and investments.
Company Profile
We Specialize in financing acquisitions,further expansion, construction of domestic and global enterprises in emerging economies. We Structure source and place Debt/Equity from HNI's, Private Partners, Corporates, PE Entities and Multilateral funding Agencies operating Globally. We have a Target to Help grow and expand in West African mARKETS Particularly in Financing mid ticket size and large Infrastructure, Manufacturing and Industrial projects with dedicated logostic parks, setting up medium for cheap source of financing for SME and MSME in these countries.