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Mr Mamoudou Sissoko
Business Representative
Business Representative
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Agriculture & Allied Services, Consultancy, Education & Skill Development, Financial Services, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Information and Communication Technology, Infrastructure, Logistics, Manufacturing, Mining, Power & Energy, Trade, Other ( Business Representative )
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I am Mamoudou Sissoko from the Republic of Mali. I am a Business Representative residing in Mohali/Chandigarh/Punjab. In recent years, the Government of Mali has put in place FDI promotion policies aimed at encouraging competitiveness and private sector participation in almost all sectors. In general, the law treats foreign and domestic investment equally. Mali is located at the heart of West Africa and borders on seven other countries, making it an ideal place from which to explore the regional market. Any investment there has access to a market of approximately 73 million consumers living in the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) member States and an impressive population of 220 million, in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) member countries. Mali also enjoys privileged access to the international market. Mali has qualified for access to the US market under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) since 2002. Mali also enjoys full access to the European Union market, free of duties and quotas, thanks to the EU’s Everything-But-Arms initiative. Mali is the second largest producer of long staple cotton in Africa and one of the largest producers of mangoes in Africa but lacks processing facilities. Mali also has one of the largest livestock in Africa. This provides opportunities in the food processing sector including meat-processing and setting up of modern abattoirs. In Mali, Business opportunities exist in the field of agriculture (cotton, food processing, abattoirs, tanneries .....), automobiles (two-wheeler segment...), telecommunications, banking and insurance, construction and infrastructure, Minerals like granite, gypsum, kaolin, limestone, lithium, rock salt, silver, etc, Mining (gold, iron ore, phosphates, uranium, diamonds, bauxite, zinc, manganese, tin and copper) and pharmaceuticals waiting to be exploited. Mali’s unique natural and cultural assets also offer opportunities for investment in tourism. The Djenné Mosque and the prehistoric city of Timbuktu have been designated World Heritage sites by UNESCO. I see great potential Indian companies can explore areas of collaboration with Mali.
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Business Representative