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Delegate Profile

Great Britain
Industry / Sector
Consultancy, Financial Services, Information and Communication Technology
Personal Profile
Hirander Misra is the Chairman and CEO of GMEX Group (GMEX), offering innovative solutions for the creation & operation of electronic exchanges and post trade infrastructure in securities, FX, derivatives, commodities, crypto & digital tokenised assets. GMEX is one of the Top 10 leaders of blockchain technology in the All Party Parliamentary Group 2018 report on the UK Blockchain industry with Hirander a leading influencer. He is also In LATTICE80’s Top 100 influencer list for the UN Sustainable Developments Goal agenda for pioneering blockchain technology solutions. He is also a Partner of Digital Partners Network, providing tailored professional services to meet the demands of disruptive businesses, which focus on automation, digitalisation, use of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology. Additionally, he is Chairman of SECDEX, the Seychelles based Securities, Commodities and Derivatives Exchange. He is also Chairman of MINDEX, the Mauritius based International Derivatives and Commodities Exchange, which is a full ecosystem for gold and other assets enabled by blockchain technology. He is also Founder & Co-Chairman of FinComEco, a fully integrated Financial & Commodities Ecosystem providing services, financing, capacity building and enablement solutions to help improve the livelihoods of Sub Saharan African farmers using blockchain. He is additionally a Board Director of DAG Global, whose mission is to bridge traditional financial services with emerging digital assets to provide the premier trusted platform to access the digital and crypto economy by way of boutique investment banking services. Formerly, he was the COO and Co-Founder of Chi-X Europe Limited, being instrumental in taking the company from concept in November 2005 to reality with the launch and ongoing development with a successful exit to Bats Global Markets for $365M.
Company Profile
GMEX Group is a set of companies that offer leading edge innovative solutions for a new era of global financial markets by being a global provider of innovative multi-asset exchange trading and post trade business solutions and technology ecosystems. Our key business solutions enable the creation and operation of cost effective electronic exchanges and post trade infrastructure in multiple asset classes including equities, debt, FX, derivatives, commodities, cryptocurrencies and digital tokenised assets. We operate in both developing and developed markets through the establishment of cohesive business and technology ecosystems. GMEX offers the added benefit of interconnection to multiple partner exchanges, to create global networks of liquidity. The GMEX Market Advancement Programme (MAP) is all about partnerships and creating an ecosystem with exchanges and post trade market infrastructure operators to deliver centralised, decentralised & hybrid solutions in a collaborative fashion. GMEX Group is comprised of the following key businesses: GMEX Fusion – Hybrid centralised & Blockchain Distributed Ledger solutions for trading & post-trade GMEX Innovation – Technology as an Enabler – Research & Development of technologically advanced product solutions for exchange trading, clearing and settlement GMEX Investments – Selective seed and strategic early stage equity and token investment into market infrastructure and related FinTech companies GMEX Services – Strategic consultancy, implementing services & support for exchanges and market infrastructure providers across asset classes including digital tokenised assets GMEX Technologies – Provider of multi-asset traditional and digital exchange trading and post trade technology through a unique partnership driven approach

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