Delegate Profile

Mrs Maureen Meda
SATCO (Study in Zimbabwe/Abroad)
Industry / Sector
Consultancy, Education & Skill Development, Trade
Personal Profile
Maureen is the Founder and C.E.O of SATCO Study Abroad and Rehoboth Wells Private Limited “Import and Export”. She has a technical background in Programming, Systems Development and Networking. Maureen moved from a professional employer where she was a Systems Administrator at Zimbabwe Sugar Refineries and was called by God into full time ministry in 2004. She served in the ministry as an Executive Assistant to the Founder and an Administrator of the Women Organisation whose objective and mission was to empower women to be self sustaining through economic empowerment skills. During her service in the ministry, she identified the need to establish an institution which had to allow the youth to get opportunities to study locally and internationally so that they are empowered from the young age hence the birth of SATCO. SATCO is an educational institution which assists and facilitates placements for college and university students in and outside Zimbabwe with a harmonious relationship with the Government of Zimbabwe. To date with the assistance of SATCO several students have enrolled in international universities. SATCO works with various Embassies to facilitate the students’ enrolment and studies in the various countries. Maureen also identified the need to establish an institution which would allow women to be economically empowered and enable them to get exposure and interact with other women at international level hence the birth of Rehoboth Wells (Private) Limited. Rehoboth Wells (Private) Limited is a company that provides service in import and export of various local products. The said entity has managed to encourage and teach women to grow from carrying at individual level into Small to Medium Enterprise organisations. Maureen is married to Washington and has two sons. The first one is Kumbirai Nigel who is twenty-three (23) currently in China studying International Economics and Trade. Tinotenda Eugene is the last one and is aged seventeen (17) doing his Ordinary level in Zimbabwe. Her Interational offices are at Pax House next to Parliament Building in Zimbabwe.
Company Profile
SATCO Academic Trust Colleges Private Limited operating as SATCO is an accredited and ef?cient institution authorized to facilitate the enrollment of Interbational students into Zimbabwe’s reputable Institutions of Higher and Tertiary Education. SATCO is the first Recruitment Agency in Zimbabwe to be accredited by Zimbaber’s Council for Higher Education (ZIMCHE) because of its integral background. The Memorandum Of Understanding-between SATCO and the Government of the Republic of Zimbabwe ( Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education) gives SATCO the mandate to promote and increase the enrollment of students and exchange programs from all over the world into the Republic of Zimbabwe’s Higher Institutions Of Education. SATCO has a secure and meritable System that gives comfort both to students and to parents during the admission process and throughput their studies. The institution provides Educational Tours for their students during their holidays to resort areas to broaden their scopes through the exposures to the Seven wanders of the world in Zimbabwe.