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Delegate Profile

W :
Industry / Sector
Agriculture & Allied Services, Consultancy, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Infrastructure, Logistics, Power & Energy, Other ( water, oil and Gaz )
Personal Profile
A very dynamic and Young entrepreneur holder of a Master Degree in Business Management with a demonstrated experience in project conception, financing He has as ambition to expand the company to International coverage which has linked him to multinational companies like Poyry Energy, Huawei, Angelic Groupe India, Wpil Ltd, Yingli Energy , TATA motors , etc in view to join and grow together in business through execution of giant infrastural projects and investments His desire to improve development and health of the Cameroonian population pushed him to lobby the support of his partners to invest in the Water and Energy sectors in Cameroon which are a major factor to their wellbeing. Hence since 2009 he has been actively involved in projects to improve and provide good drinking water to some local councils and currently executing a project to design, built & rehabilitate drinking water systems in some 20 sub urban areas in Cameroon financed by his foreign technical and financial partners He also pioneered the vulgarization of green energy by being one of the first entrepreneur to invest in solar energy business in Cameroon through which many isolated communities have benefited from solar energy through intstallation of solar in some 166 localities including solar kids for many isolated homes His urge to empower local entreprises let him to organize a national seminar in partnership with Africa BIB (Africa Business Information Bank ) in 2014 with participation of over 100 local Small and medium sized entreprises to group together local expertise to be able to participate in execution of giant projects often awarded to multinationals with technical and financial capabililities and as such benefit from transfer of technology.
Company Profile
Groupe Nkah Engineering offers dynamic services that meet the needs of the public. The complementality of our offers make our structure a partner of choice in the execution of large projects for complete and customized group services. Our ambition is to become a major player in the domain : *Renewable energy and solar energy in particular, *BTP & civil engineering *Hydraulics. We want to consolidate our position in these areas both at the national and international level. Our passion for excellence is accompanied by another ambition: bringing together our local and international entrepreneur counterparts and creating a framework for exchange and dialogue between private and public sectors. Our goal is to bring together strengths and talents to encourage entrepreneurship, stimulate the spirit of innovation, develop markets and together increase our business potential. For More about us visit our website

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